New Urban Village in Inchicore Railway

The Government’s “Housing for All” plan for Inchicore includes the transfer of the Iarnród Eireann Railway Works depot to the Land Development Agency (LDA). The LDA believes that the Iarnród Eireann site, could fit around 5,000 affordable homes.

In a parallel process IWERA – the Inchicore Works Estate Residents Association has over the past two years, been in a research and strategic planning mode – developing its own vision for community development and foregrounding the value of resident’s engagement and co-creation. Both in relation to enhancing the existing neighbourhood and preparing a critical basis on which to deepen its relationship to Dublin City Council and the Land Development Agency.

It is also the case that the ESB and the Office of Public Works local sites have also been identified to build a further 5,000 affordable homes. This is part of a wider redevelopment project called City Edge and is not expected to enter the planning process until 2027.

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