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The Dublin City Development Plan sets out policies and objectives for the sustainable development of the city as a whole

The plan provides for a wide range of strategic needs, including sustainable development, housing, infrastructure such as transport, community facilities and amenities, public spaces, neighbourhood regeneration programmes, vibrant social and cultural communities.

The plan includes major changes for the Kilmainham-Inchicore area – and indeed major developments such as the ‘City Edge Project’.

The next plan comes into effect at the end of 2022 and will be in operation until the end of 2028.

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New developments

Emmet Road

The Emmet Road Development,
formerly St. Michael’s Estate, planning application was lodged with An Bord Pleanála in October 2022 and will become home to an estimated 1200 new residents.

CIE Works
A proposed development for the large CIE Works, would see the construction of 5,000 new homes. This proposal is part of The City Edge Project that also includes the ESB and OPW lands in Inchicore. The City Edge Project will see the construction of circa 45,000 new homes in the area around the Naas Road out as far as the M50.
The scale of these proposed housing developments will dramatically increase the population in our area, and as such will require a proportionate increase in provision for childcare, education, transport, social and cultural amenities, and more.   The challenge of community integration is to embrace change, build community spirit, and make our new neighbours feel welcome and encouraged to participate in existing community programmes, and to develop new ones as required.

"Now in Inchicore
my cigarette-smoke rises
like lonesome pub-talk"

– Inchicore Haiku, Michael Hartnett

The latest projects

We post information here on the latest development projects.


Kilmainham Mill update

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Grand Canal Report

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City Edge project

City Edge ProjectThis project represents the most significant housing and economic opportunity ever undertaken in the Dublin region, and has

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New Children’s Hospital

The NCH project will combine the servicescurrently provided at three children’shospitals into one modern, custom-designed,digital hospital at St James’s campus,

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