IRCF – Inchicore Regeneration Consultative Forum

In 2018 Dublin City Council, with the help of KIN, set up the Inchicore Regeneration Consultative Forum (IRCF) to collaborate with DCC and the lead architectural design team to support the development of a vibrant, high-quality, mixed use urban quarter on the DCC Emmet Road site.

The Forum delegates include elected councillors and DCC officials, as well as representatives from residents associations, community groups, and statutory organisations. The Forum meets monthly.

The Forum believes that the development should provide secure, affordable, permanent homes to the Inchicore/Kilmainham area. The IRCF believe that public consultation is an essential part of the development process and needs to be carried out in an inclusive and meaningful way.

The views of the Forum on the planning application are outlined in their observation to An Bord Pleanála.

This can be downloaded from

The Forum are very impressed with Bucholz McEvoy’s design process and willingness to engage with the community.

Delegates engage in the processes of building trust, capacity and preparing the groundwork for welcoming and facilitating the integration of 1,200 or more residents into our community.