KIN and Dublin City Council Arts Office

KIN is also in early stages of addressing the Dublin City Council Arts Office in examining research and scoping exercises, to identify existing and emerging arts provision needs – particularly in light of the projected doubling of our local population – based on current LDA/City Edge projections.

It is also gratifying to note that the Arts Council in recent times substantially improved its provision for community-based initiatives, capacity building measures and new forms of arts access and participation – underpinned by its first Equality, Human Rights and Diversity(EHRD) Strategy and Action plan, that states:

This plan sets out to respect, support, and safe guard the inclusion of all voices and cultures and ensure that everyone who lives in Ireland has the opportunity to engage with and participate in the arts.

Add to this the likely impact of theDublin City Development Plan – in its commitment to providing new cultural spaces and artists workspaces in the KIN area. Including the Community Hub/Library to be located at a new plaza facing on to Emmet Road – an imaginatively conceived, accessible and adaptable building – to include dedicated arts workshops and a multipurpose hall/performance space.

Taken together, these progressive Community Hub processes, along with anticipated PublicArt and Creative Place Making initiatives – once properly founded and resourced – will provide an excellent context in which to originate and develop a new model of Local Arts Development for the KIN area in the period 2023 – 2027.

NOTE: Members of KIN/IRCF worked closely with Bucholz McEvoy, the Integrated Design Team for the Emmet Road Development, in a co-design process related to the Community Hub. The working group also, at the request of DCC undertook an initial study into what form of management/programming/funding model might best inform future deliberations and provision.